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I am a very lazy person, sloth all the way for me. This means that all through my years of chronic depression it's been hard to tell where my depression ends and my laziness begins which doesn't do much to make me feel any better, you know. Well, I'm usually better in the summer and I think I haven't been as good as I am this particular summer in a long time, if ever actually. It's helping me see a bit clearer that my laziness isn't nearly as horribly profound as I thought it was and that all those times I didn't want to go to school or work, or even a gathering of people of any kind, it wasn't only because I was a no good, lazy homebody. sure, that was a part of it, but for the most part, it was my illness.

I figured this out big time today. One of the women working in the kitchen told me that I wouldn't be working on Monday. My normal reaction to this should be sheer joy and while I'm happy I get to stay up late on Sunday too, my initial reaction was, "Are you guys crazy? Mondays are really busy!" I then hoped she was wrong and asked the shift manager and found out that I indeed do have Monday off. It made me fret about how everyone would be out of clean stuff by the time I got back. I'd probably work even harder if I didn't have weak and tiny feet holding up a huge body and thus I'm tired really fast and need to sit down a lot. I'm just glad it's the sort of job where I actually can do that without any hassle. I get shit done, yo.

I heard a song I really like on the radio on the way home and expletetives had been deleted. It really offended me for the following reason.

The song was Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge, a really twisted, violent and awesome song. The chorus is as follows:

I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close
Soft breasts, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear

I want to fucking tear you apart.

Now if you're going to be bitching about this song being offensive, are you really going to tell me that the only word you have a problem with in there is "fucking"? So it's okay to tear a girl apart, as long as you don't swear while you do it? So yeah, that was basically all. That song does not offend me, it's as twisted as my twisty brain, but it offends me that people who do take offense always take offense to cursing and sex long before they even blink at violence. Fuck you, censors. You suck.
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Had a great time at Deppo's yesterday and stayed for about 2-3 hours longer than I planned. The topics of horror and porn are just too much fun. Met a new person for my collection of awesome people, this tends to happen at Deppo's, she has good taste. Speaking of taste. OMG waffles of goodness and so much food and mrrrrr. Happiness. Takk fyrir mig, Deppo!! ♥!

Dreamt I was traveling with mom and we were kind of partying, I guess. I was bitching about how I always just wanted to take off my boobs and she asked why I didn't just go ahead and do it. It wasn't like I cared much about other people's opinion anyway anymore. I told her (what is true really) that I've never had surgery and it'd be so typical if there were complications with something so stupid...

Next dream I was living in one of my childhood homes and uh, apparently I'd had a sex-change or had removed my breasts and that somehow made me grow a dick, a teeny tiny dick. It was still healing and growing and stuff so I was careful with it and a bit weirded out by it and my brother was making fun of me for my reaction to it.

Oh brain. :3

In real life I'm still working in a nursing home, doing laundry. I really enjoy it there, you know, for mindless work and all. The staff is nice (all women, save for the occasional repair man and the sometimes-there chef). I'm all alone in the basement most of the time, just washing and folding while listening to audio books. Currently listening to The Strain and wanting to edit out some of the simile the book is overflowing with like too many flowers at a banquet. Pretty damn good though, bringing vampires back to their disgusting place instead of being romantic and glittery. Plus Ron Perlman's voice is just awesome!

When not listening to the books I regularly get the My Machines Guy from Scrubs in my head. Since I'm the hermit in the basement and all. MY MACHINES! I wonder for how long I'd have to work there to really snap like that! :3 I don't think I'll stay long enough for that so there's no cause for worry. The woman I'm covering for comes back at the end of August and then it's back to school for me! :)
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I was pimping this in a discussion comm where they asked us to pimp a show and I just think it's sad not a lot of people watch this (that I know anyway).

Lost Girl!

This show is so awesome! If you guys liked Buffy and Angel at all, you should enjoy the campness of this show. It's about a succubus called Bo who grew up not knowing what she is. They didn't fall into the trap of making her all sex all the time, she's actually cute and adorable when she's not getting her sex0r on which really pleased me. Her sidekick is my girlcrush number one these days, quirky and hilarius and sexy all wrapped up into this tiny cute package. Then there's sex incarnate in the super-tall and wolfy semi-boyfriend of Bo. Just RAWR. With all the awesome extras, funny and clever writing, you really, really should be watching this show.

It basically has all I like in a show: Great characters, doesn't take itself too seriously but you still find yourself caring, funny, sexy as hell and just all around fabulous. Season 1 is complete and it has been renewed for season 2 which starts next September (I CAN'T WAIT). I want this to go on and on so everyone should watch it! Go GO GO ;)
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I've been so bad at writing that I haven't been able to so much as update my lj or write a proper e-mail. Understandably my nano is at a stillpoint at 1770, a wordcount I got in two days before jumping ship in a frenzied panic attack inspired by writing alone. Well, it was more of an apathetic shrug than anything but being dramatic is fun.

I was convinced that my birthday was on Friday, Friday the 13th to be exact but alas, it's on a Saturday. This disappoints me for silly reasons.

this is me, if you replace "recurrent" with "constant".

I had a weird dream where I was with a small group of people trying to save gay pride. All the flags and acts were up in the sky and we were half way down the street already, trying to make it all go smoothly. One of the 'floats' we had to hold onto was coming apart and I couldn't fix it which meant I was getting toothpicks sticking into my hands as I tried to hold it together. We were all bleeding and it was ouchie. I also kept thinking, this can't be sanitary...

The Walking Dead is awesome so far! And I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of Lost Girl (KENZI ♥ ♥ ♥ yes I'm predictable, she is like Chiana).

Both our car and mom's car went plaff last week. Mom's is fixed, Gunnar is working on ours. Broken window in the back thanks to a minor mishap and a flat tire which seems to have totally burst or something. Joy.

I had pizza today with Tobba and rambled at her about horror (sorry Tobba ♥) between discussing anthropology and the power of the brain (aren't we academic? Ho yeah!) and a variety of political and non-political matters.

My sleep is stupid. I sleep every other day for 4 hours at a time, it seems. My eyes are tired, I'm not. I'm almost 32 and I need to lose weight, my stomach hurts and I know it's my skin condition that's fucking me up but I'm getting really phobic about internal things.

The rabbits have decided the sofa is awesome. I need to be extra diligent about cords now. Boo doesn't hop up there. I don't know if it's disinterest or his gimp leg that prevents him from doing it because he used to jump up on my bed once, gimp leg and all. He's the cutest thing ever.

I feel detached from roleplay and writing which makes me grumpy. It's the one thing I have passion for anymore and I'm clinging to the hope FACT that it's temporary and has happened before.

Disjointed is how I work right now so this journal entry doesn't have to make sense.

Paradise Lost is annoying. I like the story but
The whole starting each line with a capital letter
Regardless of punctuation is making my head
Hurt. Why, mister Milton? Why must you write
In this fashion that gives me brain explodeys?

I'm doing okay at school. I'm a little behind but have every intention of succeeding at my classes regardless. What a difference actual studying makes... Though god damn the UK government history is out of wack. Also: Syntax is insane.


Oct. 15th, 2010 11:42 pm
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Quite the eventful week I've had. A test on Monday including a 500 word essay, written by hand with no table as it was taken in a damn theater hall. That was interesting! Another test at home which I missed the half of because I fell asleep - can you say noob? All together now, Noooob!

But all that fades in comparison to the crazy amount of pride I'm feeling right now. My mom was competing with two others in this little quiz show we have. Towns compete and she got roped into representing the town she currently lives in. She did so well and she looked so great and was so eloquent and funny. It's like all my life I always knew my mom's super smart and funny and awesome and now finally everyone gets to see it too!

Link to the show on My mom's on the second team introduced and can be easily recognized as the... only female on that team. :3

Facebook is full of bragging and beaming and happiness right now. I'm exploding with pride! ^_^

As if her mere presence there hadn't been awesome enough, her team won!

She's here now, checking her mail and being cute and glowing. I think she's been a bit hard on herself lately and this really was a huge pick-me-up for her (and us). So PREEEEEN!

ETA: pride for me = inability to form coherent sentences. Suck it up, I'm too sleepy to rewrite XD;
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I realized not all of you are on facebook so some of you didn't see this video.

[to watch, click this link!]

It's about the Bechdel test which is not there to measure the quality of a film or if it's a feminist film; it's just measuring how much female presence is actually in movies.

The test is just three questions.
1. Are there two or more women in the movie and do they have names?
2. Do they talk to each other?
3. Do they talk to each other about something other than men?

It's amazing how many movies do not pass this test at all. I don't agree with all the examples she gave (Shawshank Redemption happens in an all male prison and The Big Lebowski is all from the view point of The Dude) but looking at most mainstream movies? There's usually just one girl and she's the love/sex interest. Other female characters are just supporting roles. The mom. The crazy ex girlfriend etc.

I dislike feminism a lot of the time because it tends to say all violent gratification stuff is a male thing and I disagree. I fucking love violence in movies and I have tits. They're real and they're mine and they're hard to hide. But this video I totally agree with. I don't buy into the whole patriarchy craziness but more female presence would be great, thanks and we have a few directors who really deliver on that front.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Kevin Smith for this and I will always love him for his comment on violence against women in the documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated. ♥

When I think about feminism and the way women are treated and represented all around me, I realize a few things like how it's no wonder I had gender issues and it's no wonder I only really felt comfortable writing guys for a long time.

When women finally got more screen time, they had to BE men to be kick-ass. For a woman to be a hero in anything but a chick-flick movie made by women for women and not gaining a whole lot of attention - a woman had to be a guy with tits. She had to be sexy, kick-ass and snarky. This is fortunately dying down.

I thought for a long time being 'girlie' was lame. Liking girlie things was stupid, I had to be tough, cynical and snarky to be cool. It's taken me 30 years to be able to relax and say, "Hey you know what? Pink is a great color and cutesy stuff is awesome. So shut up.

I love that I live in an age where we're getting more balance and more awesome female characters but that seems to be mostly taking place in TV shows. Please to be bleeding into movies soon too? Thank you.


Jan. 28th, 2010 01:25 am
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a cute clip with the Avatar crew. Mainly because Worthington looks adorably shy at the mention of sex scenes and there's a funny RDJ quote in there. Sigourney is totally cute too, bwah. Spoilery for the movie like whoa though so watch out.
vid within )


Sep. 2nd, 2009 07:37 am
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It's probably madness, madness I tell you! But I want to do the horror challenge. [ profile] deppo will be so proud!

What are YOUR favorite horror movies? I'm looking at lists right now and I only have 12 movies I haven't watched before... Damn my silly self for already watching those few others just a couple of weeks ago! :P

I might, of course, end up spreading this over the winter or something XD I just started Uni and things will no doubt be crazy around here... But we shall see! I rarely just watch movies and do nothing else...
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Do you know that feeling of almost depressing awe you get when you look at art? I'm obsessed with a few music videos right now that make me feel that way.

They all have Karin Dreijer Andersson doing vocals (Fever Ray / The Knife)

One is in collaboration with Röyksoppe, called : What else is there? I saw it AGES ago and always wanted to find it again. Then found it just a couple of days ago and found out it was the same singer as Fever Ray! Hee.

Second one is Fever Ray: If I had a Heart. Haunted house, haunting video!

The third is also Fever Ray. When I grow up. The girl in it makes me want to write a mental girl in the zombie game I'm in. It inspires like crazy - no pun intended.

Turns out at least two of these are directed by Martin De Thurah so I think I want to eat his brain.

What have you seen lately that makes you shiver and happy-sad and inspired?
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Tobba was a sweetheart and took me to see Terminator: Salvation, her treat (because I'm broke and pathetic)! Yay! ♥
All in all, it took me a while to decide whether I liked the film or not. I liked parts of it very very much but then... I hated parts of it too. Balancing that and figuring out which weighed more was hard. I'd watch the first half again but I'm not so sure about the rest.

Beneath the cut are some major spoilers for Terminator Salvation, not overly coherent but who needs that? So click at your own risk.
There is a room in this building stocked with full-sized naked Austrian men. Please make this go away, please. )

Penny: i'll see it when it comes out on dvd
Me: yeah
Me: funnily, there was so much action on the first part of the movie I was kind of leaning back going, "I'm sure it's easier to see what's going on on DVD" XD
Penny: wow
Penny: that's.. kinda not good
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Henry Rollins is going to guest star in season 2 of Sons of Anarcy! *__* Gyah!!!

Want season 2 now!
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I'm updating my journal to pimp this game at you. To try to stop myself from playing at least for a few minutes!

Man, I had a laugh at it yesterday and today I'm taking part with my somewhat untrustworthy mousepad!

The game is based on Broken Telephone (Or Chinese Whispers as some know it as) and it's a bit like Broken Telephone meets pictionary. It's just addictive as hell and hilarious to boot.

this one is one of my favorites so far.
Oh and I'm tweety on there! If you have private games going ;)
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I get random obsessions that are illogical and usually short lived (fortunately I say about the latter). The latest? Well... Mom and I were talking (about 30% seriously?) about buying an apartment and since then my favorite past time after roleplaying and sleeping has apparently become looking at real estate ads on oh yes. Looking at the pictures, imagining what living there would be like, re-decorating it in my mind. Hey, dreaming is free.

Only... my current and hopefully very short-lived obsession (going on 2 weeks now) is This fucking place. I even decided, "If it's the basement/ground floor apartment, I don't want it" and guess what! I've discovered it's the basement/ground floor apartment and I still want it. Fucking hell. But it's cheap and so close to the town center and it looks small but cute and there is something about it that just... God damn it. Go away stupid obsession. Go away.

I'm trying to remember past obsessions like these but they were all pretty damn random like this one.

I'm also currently oddly addicted to [ profile] fandomsecrets. It made me watch Heroes again - though only 3 episodes and only to see if I'd ship Sylar and Luke. And oh yeah, I ship it. I ship it hard.
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I just watched Twilight and laughed my ass off for at least half of it. It was ridiculous and tacky but also surprisingly pretty and entertaining. In all its badness. One thing I would like to give them kudos for though is the wardrobe and hair department. They dressed like average teenagers and I really liked that Bella's hair looked normal and she wore very basic clothes you'd find a teenager living in a cold climate wearing. It was refreshing!

But anyway. So now I've seen Twilight. Sparkle Motion. Maybe it's Maybelline.

Of course it was really hard to take it seriously after reading this and this but I think even without having read those two, this movie is just wonderfully ridiculous!

So here. Keeping up with the theme of sparkle motion, please click the babies:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Additionally, I watched Southland Tales with my brother and holy fuck. Holy fuck. That's another ridiculously awesome, bizarre, amazing, ludicrous, random weirdness of a movie. Richard Kelly is a magnificent bastard. People who hate on it obviously took it way too seriously.

Loved it. In a weird I'm not quite sure what the fuck I'm watching kind of way.
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Not spoilery and possibly jumping the gun since I've only watched one episode and 8 minutes of the second here...

But from what I've heard and seen so far?

This show would have been more interesting if they'd gone with one of the following scenarios:

a) The dolls as such were extras and the main characters were the people who take care of them or anyone else, really. Moral dilemmas, search for a missing doll.
b) They went with a different doll for each episode. Focusing just on Echo? Boring.
c) Enough with the smexy female dolls. Give the more male-inclined audience something good too.
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Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you five subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[ profile] keksmitmilch gave me these five: Praelitis, bunnies, family, writing, TV shows.

Without further ado!

My favorite game! It has eaten my soul and made me a part of its nutrition base rather than shit me out unhappy and frustrated like most games do. It's helped me grow as a writer and allowed me to bring characters to life that I would have ignored otherwise.

My characters there, in order of appearance:
Rose Dailey
Nate Alden
Aaron Lancaster
Frank Alden
Ian Choosearandomlastname

Most of them have links to their logs at the bottom if you're curious to read any. I luff them all!

You've heard of the crazy cat ladies? I'm the crazy bunny lady. Okay I don't have a HORDE, but I have three and I luff them. They don't give me allergies either so double love for them. I first got Penelope Pip, when I was still unsure if I should get a bunny. I'd spent about a month reading all I could find about them to be sure if I could handle the responsibility and I was still pondering. Then I saw this white little girl sitting all alone in the pet store. People apparently didn't want her because she looked dirty. She has some grey and pale yellow-brown in her fur and a lot on her feet, people? Are wankers. She's such a lady, very proper, but also brave, curious, strong and funny.

I needed a buddy for her and this was back before there was adoption available for bunnies in Iceland, or at least none I could find. so I headed back and I bought Benjamin Boo. He was kind of the opposite of Pip. Scared (still is, scaredy bunny, scared of everything), distrustful, grumpy. But they bonded right away and have been inseperable since! He was always sick for the longest time, always something wrong with him. After he got neutered his left hindleg went numb and he couldn't feel it. There'd been a vet mistake (they shouldn't use Ketamine on bunnies but they still do! Their legs are too small for the needle so there's a risk of paralyzis, vets SHOULD use gas like they do on kittens). After dealing with constantly trying to bandage it because Boo kept gnawing on it, it had to be amputated. Today he's far healthier, if a little too fat but he gets a lot of exercise and I don't feed him too many treats... He's just gimpy and fat like his mommy ^_^

My third bunny wasn't planned at all. Broddi Bítukall. My friend got him for her other bunny but they hated each other. I bunnysat for her one time and when she took him home he was miserable. She asked if I wanted him and sure, why the hell not. He's aggressive, dominant, grumpy and difficult and he doesn't get along with the other bunnies so we have to keep him seperate from them. Still, he's hilarious and snuggly too so it isn't all bad. I've tried to bond the three of them which is tricky since it could destroy the bond Boo and Pip have but it seems to be too strong for that! Yay. He's too dominant and aggressive and he actually made Pip ...whimper. o.O So yeah... let's just keep them apart.

Right! My family is huge. But tiny. Yup, that makes no sense does it. Well, my dad moved away when I was three and had a horde of bebes! Okay, four, but still. So I have this giant family on the other side of the planet, literally. Back here at home there's me, mom and my brother, Gunnar. To be fair, grandma's now kind of in that mix too after my granddad died. I have oodles and oodles of cousins and aunts and uncles who are freakin awesome but I'm not freakin awesome so I don't talk to them as often as I'd like. As for family plans - unless something (me) changes drastically in the next 2-3 years, I won't be having kids. I don't see myself in a relationship even, I'll just be that odd spinster with bunnies. This doesn't make me sad either! Sometimes I think it'd be nice to have a partner but I don't feel like I'm the type. I prefer writing emotions over actually having them. Of course I won't rule out that one day I might meet someone and break all my rules- that's what life does to you, it throws you a curveball and whatnot, but right now? Yup, that's the future plan. Bunnies. Writing. Spinster. I'll just be Signorina Bet!

I used to write poetry and whatnot when I was younger and while angsty and teenagery, some of it was apparently really good. Writing is something I want to do for a living, whether it's editing other people's work or writing little articles or actually going ahead and finding an artist to put together graphic novels. That would be ace! I was planning on going into social work but nope. Why deny it. I may not have a talented bone in my body but I have an artistic soul so I'll just have to fake it! ;)

TV shows
For someone who never watches TV I sure as hell watch a lot of shows! I download them and if I like them I buy them on DVD. Because I like to hoard good things. I'm currently devouring Being Human, Medium, TSCC, Life and Skins and my all time favorites are Farscape, Firefly, Supernatural, Law&Order SVU... I'm probably forgetting some but yeah, I love TV shows. Movies tend to drag on and on and I'm not always in the mood for that but 40 minutes of compact action awesomeness? I'm in!


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