Apr. 15th, 2011

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I was pimping this in a discussion comm where they asked us to pimp a show and I just think it's sad not a lot of people watch this (that I know anyway).

Lost Girl!

This show is so awesome! If you guys liked Buffy and Angel at all, you should enjoy the campness of this show. It's about a succubus called Bo who grew up not knowing what she is. They didn't fall into the trap of making her all sex all the time, she's actually cute and adorable when she's not getting her sex0r on which really pleased me. Her sidekick is my girlcrush number one these days, quirky and hilarius and sexy all wrapped up into this tiny cute package. Then there's sex incarnate in the super-tall and wolfy semi-boyfriend of Bo. Just RAWR. With all the awesome extras, funny and clever writing, you really, really should be watching this show.

It basically has all I like in a show: Great characters, doesn't take itself too seriously but you still find yourself caring, funny, sexy as hell and just all around fabulous. Season 1 is complete and it has been renewed for season 2 which starts next September (I CAN'T WAIT). I want this to go on and on so everyone should watch it! Go GO GO ;)


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