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Pip is such a lady normally, all dainty and whatnot, but sbe'll regularly just sprawl like that and it always makes me giggle. Best bunny butt ever! Another angle, but so much redeye omg... ugh.

My neighbors burned the shit out of something and it smell so gross. So now I'm freezing with my balcony door open to get rid of the smell! u_u I woke up to it too, was napping on the couch and then woke up all hyper alert and ran around the apartment sniffing at everything like a bloodhound. AUGH the SMELL!

I'm loaded with course work and need to get to doing some of it. Do not want! Alas, interrupting my flow to give you this awesome photo and assure you all I'm alive but now it's back to the grind.
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Cut for whining of epic proportions )
To sum up. This day sucked. I am broke, bills pile up, Boo is sick, car needs repairs, I'm emotionally drained.

I had a weird dream as I was waking up. November 16th. Hug the one you care about. My grandparents' old house had been trashed, broken mirrors and furniture everywhere. Get something from mom's pocket. It felt like I had to remember all that.
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Last night, just as I was about to get up to go to bed, having said my goodbyes online, the bunnies go nuts! Broddi started running at 100km/h round and round and it took me a moment to figure out what the hell was going on. Hissing sound of doom... Our radiator had a HOLE in it! O_o

So, there's water hissing out of the bottom of the radiator behind the bunny cage and I shriek for Gunnar to come help me because I'm pretty much just standing there, flailing. Gunnar figured out he could hold it shut and I ran off to find empty ice-cream containers to put under there so I could flail some more. The carpet around there was (and is) soaked, the bunnies freaked, the damn cage in the way and Gunnar going "Ow," because standing like that, hunched over the pen-bars wasn't exactly comfortable. I moved the cage away and got behind it, he ran off to see if anyone was... I don't even know what he was planning to do, see if others had the same problem? So I sat there, cursing, plugging the damn hole with my hand, my feet wet, my knees wet. Joy all around.

When he got back up I switched places and found the emergency number (Finally managed to do something other than flail!) Turns out that there is a plumber in the building! He took the water off and apparently the sudden change in pressure or heat made our radiator cave in. Joy.

We're getting a new one after the weekend, meanwhile we have no heat in the living room which is working out far better than I thought it would. The rabbits are living in my room for now and we need to clean up all the rabbit stuff that's still in that corner.

I'm just so glad I hadn't gone to sleep already. Gunnar was in his room, I'm not all that sure we would have heard the rabbit craziness... In that case.... Everything would have flooded! Apartment downstairs, our living room rabbit area... Shiiiiiit! I'm so glad I don't listen to my body when it says, "no I want to sleep NOW, not in half an hour".
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I must confess that I am nostalgic and retroactively narcissistic. I look at my old photos and go, "Oh my God, I'm beautiful. I'd do me!" Back then. Back then...

So there begins my journal entry since I figured that if I can write a make-believe journal entry for my darling Rose (Character in Convergence) I can get my lazy ass to write one for myself, am I right? The last few weeks have sincerely sucked. Sincerely.

Where do I even start? How about seven weeks of flu? That's a good beginning.

Seven. Fucking. Weeks. it started with weird migraines, moved over to swelling in my ears and then coughing and coughing and cold sweat and coughing and sleep, never ending sleep. I finally started getting better after four weeks or something but got stuck on that last stage of "I'm still sick, I can't shake it but I'm feeling mostly okay, I guess": In the last couple of weeks I've been rocking back and forth between feeling okay'ish-I-guess to coughing like crazy. Today there was a storm in my ears, it was... interesting.

While I was really sick I did nothing for school and right now it's a mad dash to absorb everything and try to memorize everything and it's crazy. Worse yet, I keep falling asleep everywhere at any time, doing whatever. I found a way to keep awake through lectures though. I downloaded the first game of Spyro the Dragon and it's mindless enough that I can study AND play.

Unfortunately I've finished all the mindless stages and have entered the OMG-FRUSTRATION stages of super charge, flight, jumps and crazy stunts so it's not quite as productive. I'll need to get another Spyro game if I want to pass the finals, me thinks. I think that has to be the most awesome sentence I've ever written in this journal.

I also managed to almost set fire to laundry. We have an American washing machine which doesn't boil laundry and I don't like chlorine. So mom suggested BOIL IT IN A POT! She used to do that and all. So, I'm sick remember? This was when I was still more sick and easily cold and whatnot. So I put stuff in a pot, luckily I have no big pots so there wasn't much stuff, just some rags and unmentionables. This is where you cover your mouths and giggle at the thought. I open the balcony door because it tends not to smell too awesome and because it's freezing out, I go under my comforter on the couch and plan to browse online while I wait. Next thing I know, I'm waking up to the smoke detector and there's so much smoke! UGH. It was vile.

The bunnies are unimpressed, my brother was asleep too so all I can think is, if we didn't have a smoke detector, we'd be screwed! I did not feel particularly smart and the apartment smelled bad for at least a day and a night. Thankfully I still had the awesome vanilla scented candle mom gave me - it saved my sanity a little.

And then there are my shows. I'm so close to just ditching Supernatural. Hell I felt tempted to sell the first three seasons I have purchased on DVD. They need to stop insulting their fans. How can they not see that insulting your fans and poking fun of them is a really fucking lame thing to do. The show is so full of racism, sexism and homophobia that sometimes I have to wonder just why I'm still watching. It's not even because Jensen is so full of pretty that it saves the show anymore. I've gotten tired of him and the show does all it can to show the boys to us in bad light.

One episode it's all: Goofy ;D The next it's all: Broody :|
Yet another episode and suddenly everyone is talking with wannabe Darth Vader voices. To quote Victor Borge ♥ "How low can a man get!"

The highlights of my last 7 weeks of flu season were that my birthday was awesome. My friend Tobba came over and cooked for us as well as bringing the most delicious chocolate cake in the whole world. Seriously, that stuff is like heroin, only tasty and doesn't kill you. It does turn you into an unrestrained beast, however, snarling and hungry for more.

Mom came over when I was at my sickest. It's always nice to have mommy around when you're sick and mine just happens to be fun too. So we watched Glee together and The Boat that Rocked. I gobbled down anti bacterial stuff for two weeks which pretty much did nothing and slept. A lot.

I watched a movie the other night, Ink, and fell in love with it half way through. Up until then I wasn't that impressed but the concept and the whole motive just really touched on a part of me that few things get to. The same spot The Grey Gentlemen touched on. Plus it's about dream worlds, it could have sucked and I still would have loved it. I've watched it twice now... Three times if you count the time I watched it with the sound off to get screencaps for twee_icons.

There's no news of the bunnies. They're still cute as hell, flopping around and Broddi's been binkying like crazy lately. I just feel compelled to give them a mention since not a day goes by without a "Psst, look at the bunnies! Awwwwwwww".

Ugh, I need to update more often to avoid this lengthy ramble! Later, folks. Later.
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I have been mostly out of commission lately as I'm sick as a dog. During exam week! This is just so not cool. Started with headaches for two days which then burst into full blown migraines with aura and everything. Next up on the menu, breathing trouble and coughing. I'm not having fun yet.

Been meaning to see a doctor but it was all booked up today so I'll try to go tomorrow. But yes, I've been sporadic online at best and apologize if I'm neglecting someone/something somewhere.

I feel like I'm neglecting the bunnies a lot. They have food and water, I make sure of that, but I haven't let them out to run lately. I'm too tired to make sure everything is safe. I haven't snuggled them in a while either. It's so lame. At least their pen is big (huge) and they have each other. Meh.

I hope the doctor gives me something. I doubt it, doctor visits for me in the past have rarely gotten me anything but advice on things - usually something I'm already doing (keep warm, don't strain yourself, take painkillers etc). At least I need a certificate too for school. I have no stamina for studying and I can feel the course work piling up on my back. UGH.

Time for more painkillers.
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I had completely given up hope of the rabbits ever getting along - all three of them. I let them out separately to play, Boo and Pip together, Broddi alone. It seems like their play time apart still helped, they got used to each others' scent, could sniff and communicate through the bars and now? They're all together! I'm amazed and happy as can be. So much less hassle and Broddi is no longer alone! :D

Other news... Uni is overwhelming, tests in two weeks and I'm pretty much lost.

Tonight I went to say goodbye to [livejournal.com profile] deppo, she's moving to England and will be sorely missed. Had a lovely time, even if I realized that chocolate cake is both expensive and makes me sleepy. No more of that, until next time I've forgotten.

7am, still awake. Lunatic!
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i've been letting the bunnies run again after I finally got around to properly bunny-proofing the apartment. Broddi is hilarious and he really loves to burrow. He'll crawl behind the pens, underneath the radiator and the first time he did it, he stayed behind the pair's pen for ages. I seriously wondered if he was stuck or something! Of course the pair was not happy with this but it seems they're all getting more used to each other now. There's far less growling and threatening going on when one approaches the other's cage. I'm not hugely optimistic that I can ever keep them all together and I wish I could tell them what that would mean! "Hey guys, if you get along I can join the two pens and make a huge play area for you!" I'm sure they'd overcome their differences for the luxury.

So anyway, pictures under the cut: More cuteness of the sleeping kind, cheeky Broddi hiding behind Pip and Boo's pen and then me. Because I think I look nice today... And still wearing the damn dress... I should change and get something to eat *sigh*

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Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you five subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[livejournal.com profile] keksmitmilch gave me these five: Praelitis, bunnies, family, writing, TV shows.

Without further ado!

My favorite game! It has eaten my soul and made me a part of its nutrition base rather than shit me out unhappy and frustrated like most games do. It's helped me grow as a writer and allowed me to bring characters to life that I would have ignored otherwise.

My characters there, in order of appearance:
Rose Dailey
Nate Alden
Aaron Lancaster
Frank Alden
Ian Choosearandomlastname

Most of them have links to their logs at the bottom if you're curious to read any. I luff them all!

You've heard of the crazy cat ladies? I'm the crazy bunny lady. Okay I don't have a HORDE, but I have three and I luff them. They don't give me allergies either so double love for them. I first got Penelope Pip, when I was still unsure if I should get a bunny. I'd spent about a month reading all I could find about them to be sure if I could handle the responsibility and I was still pondering. Then I saw this white little girl sitting all alone in the pet store. People apparently didn't want her because she looked dirty. She has some grey and pale yellow-brown in her fur and a lot on her feet, people? Are wankers. She's such a lady, very proper, but also brave, curious, strong and funny.

I needed a buddy for her and this was back before there was adoption available for bunnies in Iceland, or at least none I could find. so I headed back and I bought Benjamin Boo. He was kind of the opposite of Pip. Scared (still is, scaredy bunny, scared of everything), distrustful, grumpy. But they bonded right away and have been inseperable since! He was always sick for the longest time, always something wrong with him. After he got neutered his left hindleg went numb and he couldn't feel it. There'd been a vet mistake (they shouldn't use Ketamine on bunnies but they still do! Their legs are too small for the needle so there's a risk of paralyzis, vets SHOULD use gas like they do on kittens). After dealing with constantly trying to bandage it because Boo kept gnawing on it, it had to be amputated. Today he's far healthier, if a little too fat but he gets a lot of exercise and I don't feed him too many treats... He's just gimpy and fat like his mommy ^_^

My third bunny wasn't planned at all. Broddi Bítukall. My friend got him for her other bunny but they hated each other. I bunnysat for her one time and when she took him home he was miserable. She asked if I wanted him and sure, why the hell not. He's aggressive, dominant, grumpy and difficult and he doesn't get along with the other bunnies so we have to keep him seperate from them. Still, he's hilarious and snuggly too so it isn't all bad. I've tried to bond the three of them which is tricky since it could destroy the bond Boo and Pip have but it seems to be too strong for that! Yay. He's too dominant and aggressive and he actually made Pip ...whimper. o.O So yeah... let's just keep them apart.

Right! My family is huge. But tiny. Yup, that makes no sense does it. Well, my dad moved away when I was three and had a horde of bebes! Okay, four, but still. So I have this giant family on the other side of the planet, literally. Back here at home there's me, mom and my brother, Gunnar. To be fair, grandma's now kind of in that mix too after my granddad died. I have oodles and oodles of cousins and aunts and uncles who are freakin awesome but I'm not freakin awesome so I don't talk to them as often as I'd like. As for family plans - unless something (me) changes drastically in the next 2-3 years, I won't be having kids. I don't see myself in a relationship even, I'll just be that odd spinster with bunnies. This doesn't make me sad either! Sometimes I think it'd be nice to have a partner but I don't feel like I'm the type. I prefer writing emotions over actually having them. Of course I won't rule out that one day I might meet someone and break all my rules- that's what life does to you, it throws you a curveball and whatnot, but right now? Yup, that's the future plan. Bunnies. Writing. Spinster. I'll just be Signorina Bet!

I used to write poetry and whatnot when I was younger and while angsty and teenagery, some of it was apparently really good. Writing is something I want to do for a living, whether it's editing other people's work or writing little articles or actually going ahead and finding an artist to put together graphic novels. That would be ace! I was planning on going into social work but nope. Why deny it. I may not have a talented bone in my body but I have an artistic soul so I'll just have to fake it! ;)

TV shows
For someone who never watches TV I sure as hell watch a lot of shows! I download them and if I like them I buy them on DVD. Because I like to hoard good things. I'm currently devouring Being Human, Medium, TSCC, Life and Skins and my all time favorites are Farscape, Firefly, Supernatural, Law&Order SVU... I'm probably forgetting some but yeah, I love TV shows. Movies tend to drag on and on and I'm not always in the mood for that but 40 minutes of compact action awesomeness? I'm in!
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So uh, any reason I'm getting "whee birthday book!" notifier in the mail five times? o_O and not like all at once either so it's not that sort of glitch just. Randomly I'll get that in the mail. Think it's been three days now but I could be wrong. I had to go to my deleted folder and count to be sure. Hello? I already see it in my inbox on here. Wth? *pokes with a sharp stick* Knock it off.

Other than that. AUGH. I really need to NOT forget my meds. Seriously. Woke up with that headache and am all sorts of groggy and shit. Also can't reach my project partner and haven't been able to since fucking Wednesday. We both have the bout of seasonal oh fuck I don't want to do anything thing going on and I'm beginning to worry she flaked on me. I did part one of the assignment - she did part two and was supposed to hand it in. Without confirmation, I'm getting antsy! I trust her, I adore her but I. Need. Confirmation.

I tried to reintroduce the bunnies this weekend and it's just not going to happen, that much is certain. Broddi is just mean. Boo and Pip have stopped the bickering, they no longer freak out and fight each other if they smell him, in fact they were just perfect little bunnies who could have made a new friend. But no. He just wanted to dominate and bite and be a vicious little hellhound bunny so yeah... he gets no friends. This is going to be tricky!

Shit he was neutered MONTHS ago, you'd think he'd mellow out! D:

My favorite game is snoozing, everyone is quiet, big plots coming up and I just hope people will be there for them. In the meantime I'll be in PSL land, gimme a call when February is over.


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