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I am a very lazy person, sloth all the way for me. This means that all through my years of chronic depression it's been hard to tell where my depression ends and my laziness begins which doesn't do much to make me feel any better, you know. Well, I'm usually better in the summer and I think I haven't been as good as I am this particular summer in a long time, if ever actually. It's helping me see a bit clearer that my laziness isn't nearly as horribly profound as I thought it was and that all those times I didn't want to go to school or work, or even a gathering of people of any kind, it wasn't only because I was a no good, lazy homebody. sure, that was a part of it, but for the most part, it was my illness.

I figured this out big time today. One of the women working in the kitchen told me that I wouldn't be working on Monday. My normal reaction to this should be sheer joy and while I'm happy I get to stay up late on Sunday too, my initial reaction was, "Are you guys crazy? Mondays are really busy!" I then hoped she was wrong and asked the shift manager and found out that I indeed do have Monday off. It made me fret about how everyone would be out of clean stuff by the time I got back. I'd probably work even harder if I didn't have weak and tiny feet holding up a huge body and thus I'm tired really fast and need to sit down a lot. I'm just glad it's the sort of job where I actually can do that without any hassle. I get shit done, yo.

I heard a song I really like on the radio on the way home and expletetives had been deleted. It really offended me for the following reason.

The song was Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge, a really twisted, violent and awesome song. The chorus is as follows:

I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close
Soft breasts, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear

I want to fucking tear you apart.

Now if you're going to be bitching about this song being offensive, are you really going to tell me that the only word you have a problem with in there is "fucking"? So it's okay to tear a girl apart, as long as you don't swear while you do it? So yeah, that was basically all. That song does not offend me, it's as twisted as my twisty brain, but it offends me that people who do take offense always take offense to cursing and sex long before they even blink at violence. Fuck you, censors. You suck.
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Had a great time at Deppo's yesterday and stayed for about 2-3 hours longer than I planned. The topics of horror and porn are just too much fun. Met a new person for my collection of awesome people, this tends to happen at Deppo's, she has good taste. Speaking of taste. OMG waffles of goodness and so much food and mrrrrr. Happiness. Takk fyrir mig, Deppo!! ♥!

Dreamt I was traveling with mom and we were kind of partying, I guess. I was bitching about how I always just wanted to take off my boobs and she asked why I didn't just go ahead and do it. It wasn't like I cared much about other people's opinion anyway anymore. I told her (what is true really) that I've never had surgery and it'd be so typical if there were complications with something so stupid...

Next dream I was living in one of my childhood homes and uh, apparently I'd had a sex-change or had removed my breasts and that somehow made me grow a dick, a teeny tiny dick. It was still healing and growing and stuff so I was careful with it and a bit weirded out by it and my brother was making fun of me for my reaction to it.

Oh brain. :3

In real life I'm still working in a nursing home, doing laundry. I really enjoy it there, you know, for mindless work and all. The staff is nice (all women, save for the occasional repair man and the sometimes-there chef). I'm all alone in the basement most of the time, just washing and folding while listening to audio books. Currently listening to The Strain and wanting to edit out some of the simile the book is overflowing with like too many flowers at a banquet. Pretty damn good though, bringing vampires back to their disgusting place instead of being romantic and glittery. Plus Ron Perlman's voice is just awesome!

When not listening to the books I regularly get the My Machines Guy from Scrubs in my head. Since I'm the hermit in the basement and all. MY MACHINES! I wonder for how long I'd have to work there to really snap like that! :3 I don't think I'll stay long enough for that so there's no cause for worry. The woman I'm covering for comes back at the end of August and then it's back to school for me! :)

This week.

Jan. 12th, 2011 10:56 pm
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Monday I went to town, helped grandma with the shopping and her printer, went to class, bought loads of books, snogged my nummy treat, drove around town with Tobba, went to Ikea and

Yesterday I assembled Ikea goods like a motherfucking adult with a screwdriver, tidied the place up, went shopping, cooked dinner and arranged furniture then had a TV show marathon.

Today I trimmed my hair, did lots of laundry, studied, made my brother vacuum and then ate a huge bowl of salad, nom nom nom. AND cut my brother's hair

Winter depression has NOT caught up with me yet. *marches on*

All this AND keeping up with my tags, ho yeah.

Tomorrow: Trim bunny nails, been meaning to do that all week.

Randomly, Plato was a bit of a dick and Intentional fallacy is spot on. If there is no mention of blue elephants in the text, don't make me write about the author's penchant for them. Go, go, go new criticism! /Study notes.
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I think at least a small group of people with gender dysphoria are girls like me. I won't speak for the boys since I don't really know much about their world experience but I can speak for the girls. Bisexual, even heterosexual girls who get lost in the gender binary, not necessarily because they are masculine or would function better as men, but because they don't associate with the heteronormativity. They refuse the gender stereotypes, all of them, the "normal" heterosexual lifestyle, the way media shows them how to behave, how to be submissive, even when they're tough, how to bitch at their friends about the evils of men when they get rejected, how they have to handle the average heterosexual man, playing by some rules to not rock the boat. All those things are still going on despite the fact it's been years since the feminist movement started. Look at adverts, romantic comedies, sitcoms. There are rules and I see them whenever I accidentally stumble into the heterosexual groups I'm somehow still connected to.

I had severe gender issues until I had a breakdown and started taking medication. I didn't really want to be a man, but I sure as hell didn't want to be a woman either. I've come to accept being a woman because I realized that being a woman didn't have to mean playing by 'their' rules. I just remember glorifying homosexual relationships because it was two men and I'm still more comfortable with writing and reading gay romance/erotica/porn because two (or more) men stand on an even ground and any imbalance of power doesn't carry with it the negative politics and worries that crop up as soon as there's a woman present.

I always kind of failed at being with heterosexual men. I didn't like playing by the rules, even the simplest ones made me feel ridiculous like playing coy and helpless. Can you help me get out of this dress? ...How the hell would I get out of it if you hadn't come home with me? Oh, that's right, I'd just reach back here and god damn unzip it myself, how about that. To be desirable, women play helpless and the media encourages this. I watched a fantastic documentary that you can watch for free online (albeit with a giant "PREVIEW" watermark over the whole screen but it's worth it). It's called the Codes of Gender and it analyzes and explains just what happened in advertisement and how women and men are displayed in the media. Also, how it was really a planned thing by one man... You can watch it here

In case you don't want to hunt this down and watch it, here are a few examples:

# When a woman is shown holding something, she never holds it fully. She barely touches it, just lightly rests her fingers against it in an "elegant" way. A man 'holds' things, he controls his environment.

# A woman is usually posed in submissive poses or off kilter. Balancing on one leg while fixing her heel, lying down, crawling. A man stands up straight, usually facing the camera.

# A woman arches her neck in a vulnerable way, almost in an inviting way as if to display herself as prey. A man usually poses with his head lowered, looking up like a predator.

# A woman is often infantilized, dressed like a little girl, sucking on her thumb or with her fingers near her mouth in a way that suggests thumbsucking. Women and little girls are often shown together wearing the same kind of clothes. There is however always a difference between a man and a boy. You become a man but a woman is always a girl.

# A woman is often shown displaying emotion but it's always exaggerated, like she can't control herself. Look at any catalogue and you'll find a woman laughing in an almost hysterical manner, mouth open wide, maybe covering her mouth partially, out of control as if to suggest a woman can not have any control. A man is always in control of his emotions.

I was stunned when I watched this documentary. Even when I began protesting that no, there are plenty of adverts that do this with men too, they had an answer to that. Yes, men have begun being diplayed in adverts lying down and almost feminized but there are reasons for it and the target audience is still men.

What do these things tell us? What kind of ideas do they plant in our heads? How do they shape our self perception? I saw so many things in that documentary that made me go, "So THAT is why this particular thing rubbed me the wrong way!" or "Oh so I was RIGHT to feel mad, even when I didn't really know what I felt mad about!"

I gained weight when I had my breakdown and at first, I did it on purpose. It drove me up the wall how I was treated when I was thin and pretty because I'd regularly run into people who somehow felt like they had some sort of ownership over me just because they found me desirable. If they didn't give me that creepy treatment, they were literally hostile toward me because I didn't behave as a young girl should. Is it any wonder that I wanted to be a boy and be loved as a boy would be loved? Note that I never wanted to be a man, I didn't like how men were supposed to be either.

I think these are among the reasons that are the root of why gender dysphoria is on the rise. I don't know how many girls I've met on the internet who are single or in semi-asexual relationships with other girls, writing gay fiction, not wanting a relationship with men even if some of them would by sexual definition be defined as heterosexual. The heteronormative has more victims than just homosexuals and transsexuals. Every heterosexual person who doesn't fit the mold gets swept aside as well. Or more accurately, sweeps themself aside to avoid the harrassment that comes with moving in the straight world.

I've never felt I fitted into any of those molds. I sometimes even doubt that I'm as pansexual as I say I am because I don't have that rawr-lust toward the female body as I do the male body. I know I AM but thinking back on when I was trying to fit in with the gay crowd, I couldn't. Maybe it was just because I've always been dysfunctional sexually, messed up and damaged but I didn't fit in with the lesbians either. Not until I met my 'dykes' anyway, but they're freakin weird as well.

Another thing? If it wasn't for a few wonderful people I know, I'd be so fed up with the whole transsexual issue. I've met so many people whose whole demeanor makes them seem like their sexual identity is more like a fetish. Like they should stick to crossdressing for kicks instead of claiming to be another gender. Hyper-feminine MTFs who behave nothing like any girl I've ever met, no matter how much of a princess. Butch little FTMs who seem more like slashers gone too far. It's sometimes easy for me to see why people roll their eyes at gender dysphoria and call it a psychological disease, if those are the only people they ever see. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying those people don't have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies as well, but at the same time it was a breath of fresh air to meet people who genuinely felt like they really were born with their bodies the wrong way. People I could never really think of as anything but their gender which really doesn't match their biological sex.

It just makes me sad that I think - actually I feel like I KNOW for sure - that so many people are going through these changes and living a certain livestyle because of these boxes society puts us in. I don't want to be loved as girls are loved, I don't want to gossip to my 'girlfriends' about men being assholes and how they can't discuss their feelings and how they are just like kids that need taking care of etc etc etc. I don't buy into it and I always feel a little sick to my stomach when I stumble into the heterosexual world. I don't belong there and yet men turn me on. I guess it's a good thing I'm happy being single.

This is rambly and maybe a bit incoherent, I just wanted to get my thoughts down before going to sleep... :3

It's a flammable material too so... if you're offended, please read more carefully. I don't think I'm being offensive and if I am it's by total accident and because I didn't finish a thought somewhere... It's five in the morning! But yeah, if you're offended, just comment and ask me about it and I'll happily talk to you about it. And stuff. Thingeys.

and wow look at that, an actual update! Love you guys, thanks for not dumping me for never updating xxxx
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heh everything feels kind of half-assed right now :P

This time last year I was obsessing over Sam Worthington and the whole Avatar thing. December seems to be the time for fangirling as now I'm salivating endlessly over everything Tom Hardy.

It's the last night of the year so looking back is in order.

I totally planned on posting more on LJ this year but did the opposite. See what planning does for me? Let's not plan a damn thing in the new year! I went to New Zealand which was amazing and difficult all at once. After I came home I was barely functional and pretty much fucked up school. I started baking though so that was a tiny bit productive.

Spring bounced between awful and tolerable. Had some nice refurnishing moments, got sucked into vampire diaries, totally fucked up school. In March I started trying to do a 'daily update' thing and yeah, it lasted three months or so (wow that long???) before I forgot all about it.

My littlest friend came to visit from Australia which was bloody fantastic and then mom took part in a quiz show where towns compete against towns and it was awesome. I made it through this semester of school and totally failed at updating LJ. Aaaand here we are.

I love you guys and I hope that the best of 2010 will be the worst of 2011.

Happy new year :)

ETA oh yeah and volcano *facepalm* Why am I so sleepy over the holidays? XD
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I've been so bad at writing that I haven't been able to so much as update my lj or write a proper e-mail. Understandably my nano is at a stillpoint at 1770, a wordcount I got in two days before jumping ship in a frenzied panic attack inspired by writing alone. Well, it was more of an apathetic shrug than anything but being dramatic is fun.

I was convinced that my birthday was on Friday, Friday the 13th to be exact but alas, it's on a Saturday. This disappoints me for silly reasons.

this is me, if you replace "recurrent" with "constant".

I had a weird dream where I was with a small group of people trying to save gay pride. All the flags and acts were up in the sky and we were half way down the street already, trying to make it all go smoothly. One of the 'floats' we had to hold onto was coming apart and I couldn't fix it which meant I was getting toothpicks sticking into my hands as I tried to hold it together. We were all bleeding and it was ouchie. I also kept thinking, this can't be sanitary...

The Walking Dead is awesome so far! And I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of Lost Girl (KENZI ♥ ♥ ♥ yes I'm predictable, she is like Chiana).

Both our car and mom's car went plaff last week. Mom's is fixed, Gunnar is working on ours. Broken window in the back thanks to a minor mishap and a flat tire which seems to have totally burst or something. Joy.

I had pizza today with Tobba and rambled at her about horror (sorry Tobba ♥) between discussing anthropology and the power of the brain (aren't we academic? Ho yeah!) and a variety of political and non-political matters.

My sleep is stupid. I sleep every other day for 4 hours at a time, it seems. My eyes are tired, I'm not. I'm almost 32 and I need to lose weight, my stomach hurts and I know it's my skin condition that's fucking me up but I'm getting really phobic about internal things.

The rabbits have decided the sofa is awesome. I need to be extra diligent about cords now. Boo doesn't hop up there. I don't know if it's disinterest or his gimp leg that prevents him from doing it because he used to jump up on my bed once, gimp leg and all. He's the cutest thing ever.

I feel detached from roleplay and writing which makes me grumpy. It's the one thing I have passion for anymore and I'm clinging to the hope FACT that it's temporary and has happened before.

Disjointed is how I work right now so this journal entry doesn't have to make sense.

Paradise Lost is annoying. I like the story but
The whole starting each line with a capital letter
Regardless of punctuation is making my head
Hurt. Why, mister Milton? Why must you write
In this fashion that gives me brain explodeys?

I'm doing okay at school. I'm a little behind but have every intention of succeeding at my classes regardless. What a difference actual studying makes... Though god damn the UK government history is out of wack. Also: Syntax is insane.


Oct. 15th, 2010 11:42 pm
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Quite the eventful week I've had. A test on Monday including a 500 word essay, written by hand with no table as it was taken in a damn theater hall. That was interesting! Another test at home which I missed the half of because I fell asleep - can you say noob? All together now, Noooob!

But all that fades in comparison to the crazy amount of pride I'm feeling right now. My mom was competing with two others in this little quiz show we have. Towns compete and she got roped into representing the town she currently lives in. She did so well and she looked so great and was so eloquent and funny. It's like all my life I always knew my mom's super smart and funny and awesome and now finally everyone gets to see it too!

Link to the show on My mom's on the second team introduced and can be easily recognized as the... only female on that team. :3

Facebook is full of bragging and beaming and happiness right now. I'm exploding with pride! ^_^

As if her mere presence there hadn't been awesome enough, her team won!

She's here now, checking her mail and being cute and glowing. I think she's been a bit hard on herself lately and this really was a huge pick-me-up for her (and us). So PREEEEEN!

ETA: pride for me = inability to form coherent sentences. Suck it up, I'm too sleepy to rewrite XD;
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Cut for whining of epic proportions )
To sum up. This day sucked. I am broke, bills pile up, Boo is sick, car needs repairs, I'm emotionally drained.

I had a weird dream as I was waking up. November 16th. Hug the one you care about. My grandparents' old house had been trashed, broken mirrors and furniture everywhere. Get something from mom's pocket. It felt like I had to remember all that.
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Cutest thing ever happened today.

So it goes that [ profile] kalldoro is moving and I decided to buy a TV table from her. I just had a horrible thing happened when I BROKE my lovely orange older-than-me bowl that I use to make dough in. It was sad and I now only have one bowl that came with my mixer.

So as this JUST happened and I was all wooby about it, I asked her if she needed to get rid of any bowls. Today as I went to fetch the table she gave me a blender (omg thank you!) and a bowl... which is IDENTICAL to my old one!!!

It doesn't take much to make me happy I guess because this made me stupidly happy! There's only one crack mixing, otherwise I could totally pretend it's the same bowl as I grew up with. D'awwww.

Thank you [ profile] kalldoro!! :D


Apr. 21st, 2010 06:55 am
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If I had a boyfriend, I'd so give this to him And then call myself Medusa and threaten to petrify him - though I doubt it'd be very threatening! :D

Beautifully Freudian.

Since I'm here I feel like I should update but I just have nothing happy fun to say so it'll have to wait until May. Or June.

oh well )

Skip the lj-cut stuff, seriously. No fun in there :D

But seriously, those boxers! Who wants to be my boyfriend so I can make bad kraken jokes about them? Sam Worthington lookalikes more than welcome to apply! Must like fat girls and rabbits and not mind how insanely messed up I am and slobby and ... emotional unstable.

Benefits include Kraken boxers, cake and awesome sense of humor!
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Last night, just as I was about to get up to go to bed, having said my goodbyes online, the bunnies go nuts! Broddi started running at 100km/h round and round and it took me a moment to figure out what the hell was going on. Hissing sound of doom... Our radiator had a HOLE in it! O_o

So, there's water hissing out of the bottom of the radiator behind the bunny cage and I shriek for Gunnar to come help me because I'm pretty much just standing there, flailing. Gunnar figured out he could hold it shut and I ran off to find empty ice-cream containers to put under there so I could flail some more. The carpet around there was (and is) soaked, the bunnies freaked, the damn cage in the way and Gunnar going "Ow," because standing like that, hunched over the pen-bars wasn't exactly comfortable. I moved the cage away and got behind it, he ran off to see if anyone was... I don't even know what he was planning to do, see if others had the same problem? So I sat there, cursing, plugging the damn hole with my hand, my feet wet, my knees wet. Joy all around.

When he got back up I switched places and found the emergency number (Finally managed to do something other than flail!) Turns out that there is a plumber in the building! He took the water off and apparently the sudden change in pressure or heat made our radiator cave in. Joy.

We're getting a new one after the weekend, meanwhile we have no heat in the living room which is working out far better than I thought it would. The rabbits are living in my room for now and we need to clean up all the rabbit stuff that's still in that corner.

I'm just so glad I hadn't gone to sleep already. Gunnar was in his room, I'm not all that sure we would have heard the rabbit craziness... In that case.... Everything would have flooded! Apartment downstairs, our living room rabbit area... Shiiiiiit! I'm so glad I don't listen to my body when it says, "no I want to sleep NOW, not in half an hour".


Feb. 2nd, 2010 12:33 am
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Will I ever be as brave as Mark Carwardine and hold a live one? Will I even get the chance to? It's the first one I've seen since I got here. Oh well, I can handle a dead one for now!

For your information, that's a Weta. It's not a giant Weta, just a normal one. They're interesting critters, fascinating and if you don't have one crawling ON you, quite cool looking! Just like the Huhu Beetle, it's a creature I can get along with great as long as there's glass between us.

Jesse found one of those in his overalls when going to work. Something was scratching his neck and he thought it was the label... but noooo. I'm not even going to try to imagine that, no sir! This is why I shake out my clothes and stuff before putting them on.

Uneventful day. Yesterday was so cold that Elwyn put a heated pillow in my bed (covered in bees! So cute). Today was mellow again, warm. The wedding is just a few days away and Elwyn's been busy planning things. I'm planning on dragging Jesse to town with me tomorrow to get some postcards for grandma. Maybe a cute book to put my travel stuff in like Elwyn suggested. Should write that down! Oh yes.

I slept way too long today, now that the high of new stuff omg is wearing off a little I need to start actively battling the depression monster. I'm not sad at all though, just... Like to sleep and hide.
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Right, I got around to writing some of this stuff down so... here it is.

cut for length )
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Bweeee I am in New Zealand! I just met my sister for the first time in 18 years last night and it was so great! I will make a proper update soon when I have access to my laptop and feel chill enough to do so. Let the record show I hadn't seen my brothers and dad for a few years either and Elwyn, dad's wife, I hadn't seen in 18 years either. and it's so pretty here! Gyah. *happy*

For now though, Giant pictures. I don't care if they're huge, if you can't view huge pictures, do not click this link!!

piiiiictures )
All of these were taken by Janet Hunt, Elwyn's sister. She's an amazing photgrapher :D
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The year is almost over (in 11 minutes no less) and I'm at home, chilling with my brother and mother, watching The Hangover.

2009 was so so, I'll probably say proper goodbyes when my net sucks less (in the new year).

I have high hopes for 2010, I think it'll be awesome!

I hope you're all having fun and being safe. Thank you for everything we shared in this year that's ending, see you in the new one :)

Love you guys!
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I must confess that I am nostalgic and retroactively narcissistic. I look at my old photos and go, "Oh my God, I'm beautiful. I'd do me!" Back then. Back then...

So there begins my journal entry since I figured that if I can write a make-believe journal entry for my darling Rose (Character in Convergence) I can get my lazy ass to write one for myself, am I right? The last few weeks have sincerely sucked. Sincerely.

Where do I even start? How about seven weeks of flu? That's a good beginning.

Seven. Fucking. Weeks. it started with weird migraines, moved over to swelling in my ears and then coughing and coughing and cold sweat and coughing and sleep, never ending sleep. I finally started getting better after four weeks or something but got stuck on that last stage of "I'm still sick, I can't shake it but I'm feeling mostly okay, I guess": In the last couple of weeks I've been rocking back and forth between feeling okay'ish-I-guess to coughing like crazy. Today there was a storm in my ears, it was... interesting.

While I was really sick I did nothing for school and right now it's a mad dash to absorb everything and try to memorize everything and it's crazy. Worse yet, I keep falling asleep everywhere at any time, doing whatever. I found a way to keep awake through lectures though. I downloaded the first game of Spyro the Dragon and it's mindless enough that I can study AND play.

Unfortunately I've finished all the mindless stages and have entered the OMG-FRUSTRATION stages of super charge, flight, jumps and crazy stunts so it's not quite as productive. I'll need to get another Spyro game if I want to pass the finals, me thinks. I think that has to be the most awesome sentence I've ever written in this journal.

I also managed to almost set fire to laundry. We have an American washing machine which doesn't boil laundry and I don't like chlorine. So mom suggested BOIL IT IN A POT! She used to do that and all. So, I'm sick remember? This was when I was still more sick and easily cold and whatnot. So I put stuff in a pot, luckily I have no big pots so there wasn't much stuff, just some rags and unmentionables. This is where you cover your mouths and giggle at the thought. I open the balcony door because it tends not to smell too awesome and because it's freezing out, I go under my comforter on the couch and plan to browse online while I wait. Next thing I know, I'm waking up to the smoke detector and there's so much smoke! UGH. It was vile.

The bunnies are unimpressed, my brother was asleep too so all I can think is, if we didn't have a smoke detector, we'd be screwed! I did not feel particularly smart and the apartment smelled bad for at least a day and a night. Thankfully I still had the awesome vanilla scented candle mom gave me - it saved my sanity a little.

And then there are my shows. I'm so close to just ditching Supernatural. Hell I felt tempted to sell the first three seasons I have purchased on DVD. They need to stop insulting their fans. How can they not see that insulting your fans and poking fun of them is a really fucking lame thing to do. The show is so full of racism, sexism and homophobia that sometimes I have to wonder just why I'm still watching. It's not even because Jensen is so full of pretty that it saves the show anymore. I've gotten tired of him and the show does all it can to show the boys to us in bad light.

One episode it's all: Goofy ;D The next it's all: Broody :|
Yet another episode and suddenly everyone is talking with wannabe Darth Vader voices. To quote Victor Borge ♥ "How low can a man get!"

The highlights of my last 7 weeks of flu season were that my birthday was awesome. My friend Tobba came over and cooked for us as well as bringing the most delicious chocolate cake in the whole world. Seriously, that stuff is like heroin, only tasty and doesn't kill you. It does turn you into an unrestrained beast, however, snarling and hungry for more.

Mom came over when I was at my sickest. It's always nice to have mommy around when you're sick and mine just happens to be fun too. So we watched Glee together and The Boat that Rocked. I gobbled down anti bacterial stuff for two weeks which pretty much did nothing and slept. A lot.

I watched a movie the other night, Ink, and fell in love with it half way through. Up until then I wasn't that impressed but the concept and the whole motive just really touched on a part of me that few things get to. The same spot The Grey Gentlemen touched on. Plus it's about dream worlds, it could have sucked and I still would have loved it. I've watched it twice now... Three times if you count the time I watched it with the sound off to get screencaps for twee_icons.

There's no news of the bunnies. They're still cute as hell, flopping around and Broddi's been binkying like crazy lately. I just feel compelled to give them a mention since not a day goes by without a "Psst, look at the bunnies! Awwwwwwww".

Ugh, I need to update more often to avoid this lengthy ramble! Later, folks. Later.
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I have been mostly out of commission lately as I'm sick as a dog. During exam week! This is just so not cool. Started with headaches for two days which then burst into full blown migraines with aura and everything. Next up on the menu, breathing trouble and coughing. I'm not having fun yet.

Been meaning to see a doctor but it was all booked up today so I'll try to go tomorrow. But yes, I've been sporadic online at best and apologize if I'm neglecting someone/something somewhere.

I feel like I'm neglecting the bunnies a lot. They have food and water, I make sure of that, but I haven't let them out to run lately. I'm too tired to make sure everything is safe. I haven't snuggled them in a while either. It's so lame. At least their pen is big (huge) and they have each other. Meh.

I hope the doctor gives me something. I doubt it, doctor visits for me in the past have rarely gotten me anything but advice on things - usually something I'm already doing (keep warm, don't strain yourself, take painkillers etc). At least I need a certificate too for school. I have no stamina for studying and I can feel the course work piling up on my back. UGH.

Time for more painkillers.
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I had completely given up hope of the rabbits ever getting along - all three of them. I let them out separately to play, Boo and Pip together, Broddi alone. It seems like their play time apart still helped, they got used to each others' scent, could sniff and communicate through the bars and now? They're all together! I'm amazed and happy as can be. So much less hassle and Broddi is no longer alone! :D

Other news... Uni is overwhelming, tests in two weeks and I'm pretty much lost.

Tonight I went to say goodbye to [ profile] deppo, she's moving to England and will be sorely missed. Had a lovely time, even if I realized that chocolate cake is both expensive and makes me sleepy. No more of that, until next time I've forgotten.

7am, still awake. Lunatic!
bet: (Bunny: Delirium o.O)
i've been letting the bunnies run again after I finally got around to properly bunny-proofing the apartment. Broddi is hilarious and he really loves to burrow. He'll crawl behind the pens, underneath the radiator and the first time he did it, he stayed behind the pair's pen for ages. I seriously wondered if he was stuck or something! Of course the pair was not happy with this but it seems they're all getting more used to each other now. There's far less growling and threatening going on when one approaches the other's cage. I'm not hugely optimistic that I can ever keep them all together and I wish I could tell them what that would mean! "Hey guys, if you get along I can join the two pens and make a huge play area for you!" I'm sure they'd overcome their differences for the luxury.

So anyway, pictures under the cut: More cuteness of the sleeping kind, cheeky Broddi hiding behind Pip and Boo's pen and then me. Because I think I look nice today... And still wearing the damn dress... I should change and get something to eat *sigh*

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bet: Theo Rossi's character in Sons of Anarchy, naked with a billboard on his chest: Slightly retarded child. Please adopt me (Please adopt me)
It has caught my attention that I'm very bad at maintaining more than one journal since I'm very bad at maintaining just the one. So what's new?

I drove my friend to the airport and it turned into quite the adventure as her passport had decided not to join us. The result was that we drove a lot more than originally intended, I borrowed all seasons of Buffy and Avatar and she spent the night at my place. It was really fun, instead of being a pesky and tiring experience. We realized that visiting like that is something we should do more often. We're both internet junkies so we can enjoy each other's company even if we're both hunched over a computer. But alas, she has left me for England and won't be home for months.

I graduated this weekend from the University-bridge which means this autumn I will starting my very own university adventures. I've decided to be smart about it and take it all in distance learning, given how sick I tend to get in the middle of winter. I must remember to drag my butt out tomorrow to send them my diploma, as well as take care of other things like financial support and whatnot.

I wrote a story, well not really a story. I don't know what to call it. I was writing up a history file for a new character and ended up writing 3000 words for one event.
You can read it here if you're curious. It's basically an evening in the life of an earth elemental who doesn't know he has that affinity with earth. One night he kills a man.

This is the guy's character sheet.
I think I'll always be insecure about writing anything that isn't roleplay and that ...whatever it is, reads like a very, very long roleplay intro scene in my head. But, I guess I can comfort myself with the fact that it is at the very least better than Smeyer...

It's a little early to be counting the days until I go to New Zealand but it's tempting to start. January 20th. Maybe I'll start at my birthday instead, seems more logical.