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heh everything feels kind of half-assed right now :P

This time last year I was obsessing over Sam Worthington and the whole Avatar thing. December seems to be the time for fangirling as now I'm salivating endlessly over everything Tom Hardy.

It's the last night of the year so looking back is in order.

I totally planned on posting more on LJ this year but did the opposite. See what planning does for me? Let's not plan a damn thing in the new year! I went to New Zealand which was amazing and difficult all at once. After I came home I was barely functional and pretty much fucked up school. I started baking though so that was a tiny bit productive.

Spring bounced between awful and tolerable. Had some nice refurnishing moments, got sucked into vampire diaries, totally fucked up school. In March I started trying to do a 'daily update' thing and yeah, it lasted three months or so (wow that long???) before I forgot all about it.

My littlest friend came to visit from Australia which was bloody fantastic and then mom took part in a quiz show where towns compete against towns and it was awesome. I made it through this semester of school and totally failed at updating LJ. Aaaand here we are.

I love you guys and I hope that the best of 2010 will be the worst of 2011.

Happy new year :)

ETA oh yeah and volcano *facepalm* Why am I so sleepy over the holidays? XD


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