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The second short story I wrote. This one is far more random... o_O Don't ask.

'I want my braid,' the girl said simply... )
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I wrote not one, but two short stories this week. I don't know what's going on with me.

This one is a snippet inspired by 27hours and Max Brooks' WWZ ♥ (this is what I do instead of writing essays for school)

Warnings: Implied gore and so incredibly not politically correct that if you're a weeping heart - skip this one.

We are the ones keeping you safe. )
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It has caught my attention that I'm very bad at maintaining more than one journal since I'm very bad at maintaining just the one. So what's new?

I drove my friend to the airport and it turned into quite the adventure as her passport had decided not to join us. The result was that we drove a lot more than originally intended, I borrowed all seasons of Buffy and Avatar and she spent the night at my place. It was really fun, instead of being a pesky and tiring experience. We realized that visiting like that is something we should do more often. We're both internet junkies so we can enjoy each other's company even if we're both hunched over a computer. But alas, she has left me for England and won't be home for months.

I graduated this weekend from the University-bridge which means this autumn I will starting my very own university adventures. I've decided to be smart about it and take it all in distance learning, given how sick I tend to get in the middle of winter. I must remember to drag my butt out tomorrow to send them my diploma, as well as take care of other things like financial support and whatnot.

I wrote a story, well not really a story. I don't know what to call it. I was writing up a history file for a new character and ended up writing 3000 words for one event.
You can read it here if you're curious. It's basically an evening in the life of an earth elemental who doesn't know he has that affinity with earth. One night he kills a man.

This is the guy's character sheet.
I think I'll always be insecure about writing anything that isn't roleplay and that ...whatever it is, reads like a very, very long roleplay intro scene in my head. But, I guess I can comfort myself with the fact that it is at the very least better than Smeyer...

It's a little early to be counting the days until I go to New Zealand but it's tempting to start. January 20th. Maybe I'll start at my birthday instead, seems more logical.


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