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I've been so bad at writing that I haven't been able to so much as update my lj or write a proper e-mail. Understandably my nano is at a stillpoint at 1770, a wordcount I got in two days before jumping ship in a frenzied panic attack inspired by writing alone. Well, it was more of an apathetic shrug than anything but being dramatic is fun.

I was convinced that my birthday was on Friday, Friday the 13th to be exact but alas, it's on a Saturday. This disappoints me for silly reasons.

this is me, if you replace "recurrent" with "constant".

I had a weird dream where I was with a small group of people trying to save gay pride. All the flags and acts were up in the sky and we were half way down the street already, trying to make it all go smoothly. One of the 'floats' we had to hold onto was coming apart and I couldn't fix it which meant I was getting toothpicks sticking into my hands as I tried to hold it together. We were all bleeding and it was ouchie. I also kept thinking, this can't be sanitary...

The Walking Dead is awesome so far! And I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of Lost Girl (KENZI ♥ ♥ ♥ yes I'm predictable, she is like Chiana).

Both our car and mom's car went plaff last week. Mom's is fixed, Gunnar is working on ours. Broken window in the back thanks to a minor mishap and a flat tire which seems to have totally burst or something. Joy.

I had pizza today with Tobba and rambled at her about horror (sorry Tobba ♥) between discussing anthropology and the power of the brain (aren't we academic? Ho yeah!) and a variety of political and non-political matters.

My sleep is stupid. I sleep every other day for 4 hours at a time, it seems. My eyes are tired, I'm not. I'm almost 32 and I need to lose weight, my stomach hurts and I know it's my skin condition that's fucking me up but I'm getting really phobic about internal things.

The rabbits have decided the sofa is awesome. I need to be extra diligent about cords now. Boo doesn't hop up there. I don't know if it's disinterest or his gimp leg that prevents him from doing it because he used to jump up on my bed once, gimp leg and all. He's the cutest thing ever.

I feel detached from roleplay and writing which makes me grumpy. It's the one thing I have passion for anymore and I'm clinging to the hope FACT that it's temporary and has happened before.

Disjointed is how I work right now so this journal entry doesn't have to make sense.

Paradise Lost is annoying. I like the story but
The whole starting each line with a capital letter
Regardless of punctuation is making my head
Hurt. Why, mister Milton? Why must you write
In this fashion that gives me brain explodeys?

I'm doing okay at school. I'm a little behind but have every intention of succeeding at my classes regardless. What a difference actual studying makes... Though god damn the UK government history is out of wack. Also: Syntax is insane.


Feb. 28th, 2009 10:40 pm
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When I started school I had every intention of later going to learn sociology stuff at uni when I graduate. But today I have completely changed my mind. I have an artist's nature and that sort of work would CRUSH MY SOUL. It has thus been decided that I shall talk to a counselor to find something that suits me better and if nothing pops up I'm taking English. I'll want to work as an editor and hopefully a writer. I feel relieved having made this decision, like I'm finally on the right track somehow. I wouldn't really have come to this conclusion without the chat I had with my brother as I'd been pretty wishy-washy about the whole thing up until today. I informed mom and she said she was super relieved to hear it because being a social worker would CRUSH MY SOUL. Oh hai there brain twin.

I'm going to look into the options of learning from home too for the most part. I'm feeling optimistic and a bit more alive today than I have been in a while. There's also a lot of great things going on in my roleplay world. Great big dramaz at Praelitis and I have some big scenes in the works. Having so much fun and my confidence in myself is better than it has been in a long time.

All this and I haven't even started listening to the hypnosis cd I bought! The one my brother went, "Oh no please don't tell me you paid money for that!" But fuck that, I believe in this stuff and maybe it'll help me some. If not - at least I tried!

Just came home from dinner with mom and grandma, we had such a good time (and such good food!). I'm still not in the clear but I'm feeling a lot better.

Also. Werewolves.


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