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I am getting a little stressed. But the kind of stressed that is too easy to ignore since I'm only about 10% present in real life at the moment. If that much. But that 10% of me is going, "dude... Finals are coming up and you have a lecture to make on Friday as well as a gigantic essay to turn in next week and that small essay in a language you don't speak to do soon (when? oh shit) and then FINALS and you didn't use the vacation to learn all that math because you were about 10% present in real life and holy fucking fuck! And then I think, "Just three weeks and it's over! Hallelu- ...wait, no wait. That means school will be over and you don't have a job or any other income and you still have to pay rent and your brother is still unemployed and there's no work to be had anywhere and not like you did well at working even if there was work available and even if you were good at work and got work that'd still be a month where you get no money and students aren't eligible for unemployment benefits unless they had work in the last three years and you haven't been working in years because you were on disability and holy fuck rent is expensive and you're stuck with this apartment until August and hey maybe you should keep renting here because it's not like you'll find another apartment this cheap (but so so expensive) and you can't really put yourself, your mom and you brother through moving back home to mom's and what the fuck are you going to do? Oh and finals!"

The 10% of me present in real life likes run on sentences. It also likes sleeping. And staring at nothing.

Now where did I put that mathbook (of doom)


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