Feb. 2nd, 2010 12:33 am
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Will I ever be as brave as Mark Carwardine and hold a live one? Will I even get the chance to? It's the first one I've seen since I got here. Oh well, I can handle a dead one for now!

For your information, that's a Weta. It's not a giant Weta, just a normal one. They're interesting critters, fascinating and if you don't have one crawling ON you, quite cool looking! Just like the Huhu Beetle, it's a creature I can get along with great as long as there's glass between us.

Jesse found one of those in his overalls when going to work. Something was scratching his neck and he thought it was the label... but noooo. I'm not even going to try to imagine that, no sir! This is why I shake out my clothes and stuff before putting them on.

Uneventful day. Yesterday was so cold that Elwyn put a heated pillow in my bed (covered in bees! So cute). Today was mellow again, warm. The wedding is just a few days away and Elwyn's been busy planning things. I'm planning on dragging Jesse to town with me tomorrow to get some postcards for grandma. Maybe a cute book to put my travel stuff in like Elwyn suggested. Should write that down! Oh yes.

I slept way too long today, now that the high of new stuff omg is wearing off a little I need to start actively battling the depression monster. I'm not sad at all though, just... Like to sleep and hide.
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Right, I got around to writing some of this stuff down so... here it is.

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Bweeee I am in New Zealand! I just met my sister for the first time in 18 years last night and it was so great! I will make a proper update soon when I have access to my laptop and feel chill enough to do so. Let the record show I hadn't seen my brothers and dad for a few years either and Elwyn, dad's wife, I hadn't seen in 18 years either. and it's so pretty here! Gyah. *happy*

For now though, Giant pictures. I don't care if they're huge, if you can't view huge pictures, do not click this link!!

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All of these were taken by Janet Hunt, Elwyn's sister. She's an amazing photgrapher :D


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