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Is there a beautiful nerd here who can help me? :(

I want to update my computer, Mutsu. She still works great in many regards but occasionally she'll get slow and choke a bit. She's an old Medion and is amazing for her age really but I don't know what exactly is getting her down.

I was going to get some super-upgrade from a computer company in town but I can only find old reviews and they're mostly negative... Maybe they've improved since but I don't know!

Here's Mutsu's specs )
Her screencard is pretty bust. I can't put too much pressure on her without squiggly red lines appearing and ruining my day, on and artifacts. Damn artifacts. So I know for sure I need another screen card.

Memory is fine, I have Advanced System Care and usually monitor my CPU and RAM use which both seem fine when she chokes. Being an idiot in the ways of computers, I don't know what else causes choking... :/

Basically, I need help deciding what sort of upgrade I need. If I only need a new screen card and more RAM or if I need a new motherboard etc etc. I look at all the available things and blank out, I swear.

One of the super-upgrades available )

.... so lost D:
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The year is almost over (in 11 minutes no less) and I'm at home, chilling with my brother and mother, watching The Hangover.

2009 was so so, I'll probably say proper goodbyes when my net sucks less (in the new year).

I have high hopes for 2010, I think it'll be awesome!

I hope you're all having fun and being safe. Thank you for everything we shared in this year that's ending, see you in the new one :)

Love you guys!
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Nice move, dumbasses (wordpress). This pisses me off like whoa. I sent an e-mail. If you want to send an e-mail too you can copy [ profile] copperbadge's e-mail if you're not feeling up to writing anything.

It's basically a blog for survivors of Attachment Therapy which is pretty much torture to get kids to "attach" to their parents. It also serves as a good educational place for us peeps who aren't in the know.

Wordpress suspended it and the owner had been somewhat harassed by some guy who works for them. It's baffling, disturbing and infuriating.
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I think it's time for us to help our American friends a bit.
comment and let America know that social health care of the type Obama wants to instill in America is NOT BAD.

Sign the petition that urges the government not to listen to the US healthcare companies claiming it's a horrible thing

More info.

Americans, your current health care system isn't working. Of course, if you're reading this journal? You already know this... Spread the word.
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they are always half naked - de er altid en halvdel nøgen

-that's what I look up when I fall asleep looking up Danish words on google translate. Just so you know. o.O

In other news, there's this rising trend of using pronouns in a way that pains me... I was becoming increasingly paranoid that this was the correct way of using them (ouch) and that I was just being a dope so I went hunting for information and found out that I'm not a dope after all. Yay!

Found this:
Remember that when we compound a pronoun with something else, we don't want to change its form. Following this rule carefully often creates something that "doesn't sound good." You would write, "This money is for me," so when someone else becomes involved, don't write, "This money is for Fred and I." Try these:

* This money is for him and me.
* This arrangement is between Fred and him.

There you have it. It's for him and her. Not she and him.
Now, how to not be a grammar nazi and piss people off? Hmm. A lesson for another day -_-;

English doesn't have a lot of those bendy words* things going on (unlike Icelandic which is just twisting and turning with every opportunity it gets) so I think people take those few rules and maybe think they apply to more than they really do. For example, it's better to say, "Gunnar and I," than it is to say, "Me and Gunnar". So people turn it around or something? I don't know... Just, keep it in mind.

My brother is happy because mom is coming to visit him and me. He wouldn't be as happy if she was coming to visit he and me. ;)

*I really need to learn the English words for "beyging orða"
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Write this letter, seriously. They make it stupidly easy for you, just fill in the blanks and send.

A senator verbally bashing homosexuals openly and priding himself on "killing every piece of pro-equality legislation in Utah for eight years." This is not a lunatic cult asshole. This is a SENATOR.

Fuck that.


Feb. 9th, 2009 09:56 pm
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I just wanted to remind you all of Kiva where you can lend money to people trying to start up a business under difficult circumstances. When the business takes off the money starts trickling back to you and you can use it to buy things from Kiva or use it for another loan. I just made my second loan today, only $25 and with discount because I'd gotten about $9 back from the last one.

It's pretty neat! The only problem is picking where you want to put your money =P

check it out, for reals yo
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Please watch and sign the petition if this is something you believe in.


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