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This video is so incredibly crazy and awesome! It's a short film called Late Bloomer, loosely based on Lovecraft's writing.


Aug. 16th, 2011 04:39 pm
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a bit long winded but a very good metaphor tale for privilege and how communication can backfire


Oct. 15th, 2010 11:42 pm
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Quite the eventful week I've had. A test on Monday including a 500 word essay, written by hand with no table as it was taken in a damn theater hall. That was interesting! Another test at home which I missed the half of because I fell asleep - can you say noob? All together now, Noooob!

But all that fades in comparison to the crazy amount of pride I'm feeling right now. My mom was competing with two others in this little quiz show we have. Towns compete and she got roped into representing the town she currently lives in. She did so well and she looked so great and was so eloquent and funny. It's like all my life I always knew my mom's super smart and funny and awesome and now finally everyone gets to see it too!

Link to the show on My mom's on the second team introduced and can be easily recognized as the... only female on that team. :3

Facebook is full of bragging and beaming and happiness right now. I'm exploding with pride! ^_^

As if her mere presence there hadn't been awesome enough, her team won!

She's here now, checking her mail and being cute and glowing. I think she's been a bit hard on herself lately and this really was a huge pick-me-up for her (and us). So PREEEEEN!

ETA: pride for me = inability to form coherent sentences. Suck it up, I'm too sleepy to rewrite XD;
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I realized not all of you are on facebook so some of you didn't see this video.

[to watch, click this link!]

It's about the Bechdel test which is not there to measure the quality of a film or if it's a feminist film; it's just measuring how much female presence is actually in movies.

The test is just three questions.
1. Are there two or more women in the movie and do they have names?
2. Do they talk to each other?
3. Do they talk to each other about something other than men?

It's amazing how many movies do not pass this test at all. I don't agree with all the examples she gave (Shawshank Redemption happens in an all male prison and The Big Lebowski is all from the view point of The Dude) but looking at most mainstream movies? There's usually just one girl and she's the love/sex interest. Other female characters are just supporting roles. The mom. The crazy ex girlfriend etc.

I dislike feminism a lot of the time because it tends to say all violent gratification stuff is a male thing and I disagree. I fucking love violence in movies and I have tits. They're real and they're mine and they're hard to hide. But this video I totally agree with. I don't buy into the whole patriarchy craziness but more female presence would be great, thanks and we have a few directors who really deliver on that front.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Kevin Smith for this and I will always love him for his comment on violence against women in the documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated. ♥

When I think about feminism and the way women are treated and represented all around me, I realize a few things like how it's no wonder I had gender issues and it's no wonder I only really felt comfortable writing guys for a long time.

When women finally got more screen time, they had to BE men to be kick-ass. For a woman to be a hero in anything but a chick-flick movie made by women for women and not gaining a whole lot of attention - a woman had to be a guy with tits. She had to be sexy, kick-ass and snarky. This is fortunately dying down.

I thought for a long time being 'girlie' was lame. Liking girlie things was stupid, I had to be tough, cynical and snarky to be cool. It's taken me 30 years to be able to relax and say, "Hey you know what? Pink is a great color and cutesy stuff is awesome. So shut up.

I love that I live in an age where we're getting more balance and more awesome female characters but that seems to be mostly taking place in TV shows. Please to be bleeding into movies soon too? Thank you.


Apr. 21st, 2010 06:55 am
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If I had a boyfriend, I'd so give this to him And then call myself Medusa and threaten to petrify him - though I doubt it'd be very threatening! :D

Beautifully Freudian.

Since I'm here I feel like I should update but I just have nothing happy fun to say so it'll have to wait until May. Or June.

oh well )

Skip the lj-cut stuff, seriously. No fun in there :D

But seriously, those boxers! Who wants to be my boyfriend so I can make bad kraken jokes about them? Sam Worthington lookalikes more than welcome to apply! Must like fat girls and rabbits and not mind how insanely messed up I am and slobby and ... emotional unstable.

Benefits include Kraken boxers, cake and awesome sense of humor!
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For the music geeks on my friendslist.
You can listen to almost 100 albums for free at until the 29th of May. They're voting for the top 20 right now so listening is free.

You need to install some player but it's safe, promise.
When you click the audio thingey you may get this message:
Þú þarft að sækja aukahlut fyrir vafrann þinn til að geta spilað tónlistina á Tó Smelltu á OK til að sækja aukahlutinn.
It translates to "You need an extra object for your browser to be able to play the music at Click OK to fetch the object" so there.

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I'm updating my journal to pimp this game at you. To try to stop myself from playing at least for a few minutes!

Man, I had a laugh at it yesterday and today I'm taking part with my somewhat untrustworthy mousepad!

The game is based on Broken Telephone (Or Chinese Whispers as some know it as) and it's a bit like Broken Telephone meets pictionary. It's just addictive as hell and hilarious to boot.

this one is one of my favorites so far.
Oh and I'm tweety on there! If you have private games going ;)
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I just watched Twilight and laughed my ass off for at least half of it. It was ridiculous and tacky but also surprisingly pretty and entertaining. In all its badness. One thing I would like to give them kudos for though is the wardrobe and hair department. They dressed like average teenagers and I really liked that Bella's hair looked normal and she wore very basic clothes you'd find a teenager living in a cold climate wearing. It was refreshing!

But anyway. So now I've seen Twilight. Sparkle Motion. Maybe it's Maybelline.

Of course it was really hard to take it seriously after reading this and this but I think even without having read those two, this movie is just wonderfully ridiculous!

So here. Keeping up with the theme of sparkle motion, please click the babies:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Additionally, I watched Southland Tales with my brother and holy fuck. Holy fuck. That's another ridiculously awesome, bizarre, amazing, ludicrous, random weirdness of a movie. Richard Kelly is a magnificent bastard. People who hate on it obviously took it way too seriously.

Loved it. In a weird I'm not quite sure what the fuck I'm watching kind of way.


Feb. 9th, 2009 09:56 pm
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I just wanted to remind you all of Kiva where you can lend money to people trying to start up a business under difficult circumstances. When the business takes off the money starts trickling back to you and you can use it to buy things from Kiva or use it for another loan. I just made my second loan today, only $25 and with discount because I'd gotten about $9 back from the last one.

It's pretty neat! The only problem is picking where you want to put your money =P

check it out, for reals yo
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Please watch and sign the petition if this is something you believe in.


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