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YO LJ. Not happy with you now.

My friend just posted this and since I'm lazy, you just get a copypasta

Yesterday, I logged in over at LJ, and went to edit an entry. Instead of redirecting to an edit entry, it dumped me into the log-in page, logged into an unfamiliar journal. (For logistic purposes, I was on a mac running Snow Leopard, using Firefox 7, and my LJ account type is a permanent account. I was not using LJ-Login at the time, but logging in manually, as I already knew LJ Login was borked.)

I was mostly kind of baffled at first, and clicked on the journal I was logged into, whereupon I saw their journal, including obviously locked entries. This was not a journal I had ever seen before, or should have had any permissions to read f-lock or private entries with, obviously.

I scanned the page enough to see what had happened, and the user was, I believe, Russian, but had entries in English as well. I then rapidly logged out, when I realized, and was unsettled. Not sure what had happened, I made my last entry, and then started reading around.

I logged back onto LJ, changed my password, just in case, and filed a support request. As far as I could tell at the time, that report quest was PUBLIC. As of now, it is listed as PRIVATE, but has not been responded to. I can't see anything in the public support queue about this problem, so I'm guessing that all support requests about it are being set to private by the support team/admins. (This may just be standard procedure with login/security related problems, for all I know, but I find it ANNOYING that they're hiding the problem without offering any kind of official response yet.) [E.T.A. - in comments, [personal profile] azurelunatic pointed out that as far as they knew, it IS standard to private anything security related, or requiring higher-ups to address.]


here's her entry with lots of links that tell us she's not the only one!! u.u
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