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Had a great time at Deppo's yesterday and stayed for about 2-3 hours longer than I planned. The topics of horror and porn are just too much fun. Met a new person for my collection of awesome people, this tends to happen at Deppo's, she has good taste. Speaking of taste. OMG waffles of goodness and so much food and mrrrrr. Happiness. Takk fyrir mig, Deppo!! ♥!

Dreamt I was traveling with mom and we were kind of partying, I guess. I was bitching about how I always just wanted to take off my boobs and she asked why I didn't just go ahead and do it. It wasn't like I cared much about other people's opinion anyway anymore. I told her (what is true really) that I've never had surgery and it'd be so typical if there were complications with something so stupid...

Next dream I was living in one of my childhood homes and uh, apparently I'd had a sex-change or had removed my breasts and that somehow made me grow a dick, a teeny tiny dick. It was still healing and growing and stuff so I was careful with it and a bit weirded out by it and my brother was making fun of me for my reaction to it.

Oh brain. :3

In real life I'm still working in a nursing home, doing laundry. I really enjoy it there, you know, for mindless work and all. The staff is nice (all women, save for the occasional repair man and the sometimes-there chef). I'm all alone in the basement most of the time, just washing and folding while listening to audio books. Currently listening to The Strain and wanting to edit out some of the simile the book is overflowing with like too many flowers at a banquet. Pretty damn good though, bringing vampires back to their disgusting place instead of being romantic and glittery. Plus Ron Perlman's voice is just awesome!

When not listening to the books I regularly get the My Machines Guy from Scrubs in my head. Since I'm the hermit in the basement and all. MY MACHINES! I wonder for how long I'd have to work there to really snap like that! :3 I don't think I'll stay long enough for that so there's no cause for worry. The woman I'm covering for comes back at the end of August and then it's back to school for me! :)


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