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I wrote not one, but two short stories this week. I don't know what's going on with me.

This one is a snippet inspired by 27hours and Max Brooks' WWZ ♥ (this is what I do instead of writing essays for school)

Warnings: Implied gore and so incredibly not politically correct that if you're a weeping heart - skip this one.

Keeping Score

We are the ones keeping you safe. Jared always wanted to say it when he went into the havens where survivors eyed him and the others with wariness.We are the ones standing between you and the horde. It always filled him with disgust, the fearful respect dripping off them like an insult. Yes, the soldiers were loud and they were crude but it was hard to shake off the attitude that they needed to get through their tours. In a twisted way, Jared was beginning to prefer being out here in the field; it was getting to be like the game they pretended it was.

"How many did you get this round? I'll double your score!"

"You fucking idiot, you don't have the bullets for it."

"Two in one, baby. Two in one."

"If you cheat, I'll rip you a new one."

Then shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. Make it a head shot if you want it to count, to put a dent in the massive ocean of the walking dead. It was like playing a single player video game with a friend at some busy convention. Hundreds of soldiers, two to a spot, taking turns - one shooter, one making sure the next gun was ready.

Jared was the one on ammo duty right now, itching for it to be his turn as he listened to Mike's steady voice, counting with each shot.

"Twenty-three. Twenty-four. Damn it! Twenty-six." The only thing they needed was an automatic counter; sergeant Regis had joked about getting them a clicker like the cops and bouncers used but they weren't holding their breaths. "Twenty-eight. Hold still, you motherfucker - twenty-nine..."

Jared checked his watch, Mike only had a few rounds to go before it was his turn, damn it. He'd beat out his score for sure today. He was feeling confident, blood thirsty.

"Holy shit, a midget," Mike said suddenly. "A God damn zombie midget."

Jared barked out a laugh and shuffled up next to him, grabbing the binoculars and peering around until he saw the little guy. Mike wasn't lying, there at the front of the still moving throng was a dwarf in a badly torn up suit, half his left arm missing. "Holy shit, haven't seen one of those around before. Don't shoot him yet."

Mike didn't shoot him, he did however keep steadily shooting the ones around him while Jared waved Regis over. "What is it?" she asked, mirth in her voice as she saw them both grinning like loons. Not bad news then, not-bad-news were almost as good as good-news these days.

"A fucking zombie midget," Jared chuckled. "You still have that camera of yours?"

Regis gave him a somewhat bemused look and just as Jared was beginning to think she was about to go all PC on them, she said: "A miniature zombie? That's a laugh. Yeah, give me a minute."

She was gone for two. Jared didn't need to check his watch this time, Mike's counting was becoming a good way to time things.

"Is he still there?" Regis asked urgently when she returned, a bulky old fashioned camera firmly clutched to her chest.

"I got him," Mike said before firing off another shot.

"Don't shoot him," both Regis and Jared said as one, then laughed as one. Regis knelt down next to Mike and snapped off a few pictures once she'd located her target.

"The midget zombie has been shot," she informed them. "Feel free to earn your points." She rose to her feet with a grin, wagging the camera. "These'll be good. Thanks guys."

"Midgets are worth more than kids, right? I'd say at least double," Mike said and then: "Ah fuck, I've lost count!"

Jared laughed at his expense, the sound of it drowned out by the horn. It was time to switch. "If I get over forty on round one, I've got you beat," he told Mike as they switched positions.

"Forty? I got more than forty, you fucker," Mike said in an angry snarl, pushing at Jared's head. It only made Jared laugh again and he crouched down and picked up his gun. His first head shot was a chick with her breasts bare, one half gnawed but still - tits. There was a bonus point there and Jared gleefully started counting - "Three" - when her head caved in and her body crumbled to the ground.

We are the ones keeping you safe.


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