Jan. 7th, 2012

bet: (Bunny Sad)
I woke up to bunny screaming, a high pitched, repeated shriek that sounded almost like a bird. I'd fallen asleep on the sofa and I flew right off and was by Boo before I was fully awake. I thought Broddi, who sometimes teases him, was hurting him and my next thought was that he was dying. So scary, you guys! Turned out he'd gotten his remaining hind-leg caught in a fleece blanket. They'd been gnawing holes in it over time (fleece is supposed to be better for them since there are no threads, but man, it's full of holes now). He'd somehow managed to get his foot inside one of the holes and twisted the blanket until he was well and thoroughly stuck. He then proceeded in running around until it was super tight and trap-like on his foot.

I got him loose and have been keeping an eye on him. Now that his shock has passed, he seems okay. I'm constantly worried about him though. He has bad digestion, finds it hard to twist around to nom on his night poo and as a result often ends up with poo-butt. I've had to get medicine for it a couple of times when it got chronic but it still happens every so often. He also snores, a pitiful sound that every time makes me wonder if he's in pain, but he's just sleeping. I know I'm overreacting. He's eating well, he's calm and he looks fine but my heart just aches for him. He's like the Bad Luck Bunny. He's been to the vet more than I can count while my two others only went in for spaying.

Anyway. That damn blanket is going out or I might just tear it all up to put in Pip's digging box, what do you think?

Anwyay, to leave on a lighter note: Here's Boo and his "It's dinner time, I can feel it!" look. You can roughly tell time by him, I swear - probably could accurately if he wasn't such a greedy little bunny ♥

(click for bigger) It's hilarious when he does this because he'll be looking at you and the moment you look back his head comes up even higher ♥ B'aww I love my little Boo. He breaks my heart.


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